石振波 Mark Shi

传道 Minister

You live for this stuff. This is a great place to tell them about it. (In a few sentences. nothing too crazy.) Maybe about this long, or perhaps a little longer. Like this for maybe this. Yeah that's pretty good right about...here.

简介 Bio


Minister Mark comes from Beijing China. He worked as an IT engineer for 15 years in China. Became a Christian in 2003, baptised in 2004, and served as a volunteer in Beijing City revival church for 10 years. He resigned and came to the State for seminary training in 2013 and started full-time ministry. He is married to Hongfang Zhang and they have three children.

最喜欢的经文 Favorite Scripture

" 你要专心仰赖耶和华,不可倚靠自己的聪明, 在你一切所行的事上都要认定他,他必指引你的路。" —— 箴言 3:5-6

” Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. -- Proverbs 3:5~6

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